MDC Dental

In dentistry and all of its branches there exists a science involving technology, art, skills and the great desire to provide a function and aesthetic result to a patient. Our founder, Rogelio H. Ramirez Martinez had that in mind when he founded MDC dental in 1974.

With over 300 employees MDC Dental is one of our nation’s leading companies in the industry. Our research laboratories have one-of-a kind scientific equipment, and accredited & specialized chemical & scientific engineers.

We value our relations and partnerships that help us grow.

Also we have stablished our presence in over 46 countries and 5 continents. We count with international ISO certifications and some of our in-house products count with CE, FDA, CFDA and GMP certifications.

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Products Offered
Artificial Teeth Dental Laboratory Equipment Denture Materials Finishing & Polishing Abrasives Functional Equipment for Dental Laboratories Impression Materials & Accessories Prefabricated CAD/CAM Blocks Temporary Material & Accessories