DentLight Inc

Hallo 10.2 Stand R-52a

DentLight is a technology innovator with many award-winning products based on two platforms.
The handheld platform offers a 3-second cure FUSION5 light with focused beam. The unique platform has interchangeable light heads: twinhead for bulk cure, FUSION Grand 12mm head for large MOD cure, FUSION-DOE head for caries/cancer detection, FUSION PBM head for photobiomodulation and Ultrafast Diode Laser for soft tissue procedures.

The wearable platform offers lightweight Nano Freedom2 wireless headlight, reconfigurable to battery packed 2S plus light, or Nano Black multi-wavelengths lamp for visual and fluorescence imaging assisting hands-free composite and caries removal. Further extension includes iOCam: the only wireless loupe-mounted camera; iZoom Loupes, and Safeloupe laser filters.

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